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Taizhou Liancheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Liancheng Chemical Co., Ltd. Taizhou Liancheng Chemical Co., Ltd. Taizhou Liancheng Chemical Co., Ltd. Taizhou Liancheng Chemical Co., Ltd. Taizhou Liancheng Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
No. of Employees: >100
Annual Sales: 3,000,000-350,000.00
Year Established: 2007
Export p.c: 60% - 70%
About Us

Taizhou Liancheng New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, is a professional R & D and production of environmental protection stabilizer of innovative technology enterprises. Has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. All products through the SGS environmental testing. Was rated as "quality service reputation AAA units", China Plastics Processing Industry Association of plastic additives professional members of the Committee, as well as cable materials member units. Is located in the town of plastic --- Taizhou Jiaojiang District under the Chen street Jiao Yang Industrial Park.

The total area of more than 10,000 square meters, to independent innovation, research and development, production and sales of multi-functional high-quality environmentally friendly tasteless calcium and zinc stabilizer-oriented products, and set many years of research and development experience and technical advantages extended PVC industry chain, Station-related advanced technology services. The main products are environmentally friendly transparent calcium and zinc stabilizer, environmental protection ordinary calcium and zinc stabilizer, anti-precipitation of calcium and zinc stabilizer, moisture-proof calcium and zinc stabilizer, pipe, profile for calcium and zinc stabilizer, paste calcium and zinc stabilizer, Stabilizer and so on.

Produced by the 'blue Cheung' brand calcium and zinc products since the market to the 'with advanced research and development technology, mature production technology, scientific management and excellent after-sales service. After more than 10 years of steady development, won the industry a good reputation. For the company's rapid development has laid a solid foundation.

Liancheng in the 'integrity-based, quality-oriented, intentions service' business philosophy, attention to the introduction of talent and reserves in product development, production and sales and other links have formed a stable talent echelon. And a good quality control system to ensure that customers provide professional, reliable, high-quality products and services. At the same time we, as always, committed to the cause of green, to protect the ecological environment and make due contributions.

Strong, creative people will join hands of all new and old friends, as always, sincere cooperation, China Unicom world, the achievements of you and me!

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The success or failure of the enterprise benefited from the customer's reflection, the customer is the final decision who is the best arbiter, we pay close attention to customer evaluation of our customers, "customer demand as the center, product quality as the core", high starting point, high input , High quality for the purpose of service; customer trust, satisfaction is our company all my colleagues tireless pursuit! Quality to maintain, honest and credibility is our cooperation with customers to ensure.
Society in the continuous development, we must make unremitting efforts. The pursuit of cultural knowledge, constantly updated ideas, learn from scientific and technological achievements, into the cultural construction of the action, team work, focus on wisdom, from top to bottom, common development and overall improvement of corporate culture connotation, brought together the essence of the enterprise an indestructible strength.
Entrepreneurial spirit
Responsibility, innovation, professionalism, unity and cooperation is the spirit of all staff always adhere to the entrepreneurial spirit and common will.
Corporate purposes:
Pioneering spirit, realistic and innovative; generous humane, integrity-based.
Business philosophy:
The interests of customers is where we survive and the development of the most fundamental interests; customer satisfaction is our business activities, guidelines and guidelines.
Service philosophy:
To achieve the perfect form of service; to provide unconditional service guarantee; to achieve "zero defect" service quality; customer satisfaction is our pursuit of service quality of the eternal standards; continuous improvement of service quality is to achieve perfect service and satisfactory service, an important means to win competitive advantage The
Development Goals:
In the management of a solid, satisfied with the service, the mechanism for flexibility, innovation and pragmatic spirit, to cultivate and create a good professional quality of the workforce, and strive to use five years to do business bigger and stronger The


Taizhou Liancheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is well known for its specialization and devotion in PVC additives. we are not only supplying reliable products and technical service to customers, also working with customers to face the challenges in formulating, qualification and regulatory.

Our Team

We have a state-of-the-art laboratory and a team of application specialists ensure high quality and competitive solutions for our customers.We have around fifty of employees, who are committed to maintain well-established reputation by bringing to the construction and plastic industry, new additives and innovative solutions.


We own also a strong after-sale service technical team, which own over 10 years rich plastic industry production (esp. in Foam Board Production) experience, and can response your production problem quickly.


Our commitment is to maintain the highest standards of excellence in product quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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