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Composite Heat Calcium Zinc Stabilizer Without Sulfide Contamination Processing Aid

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ARCHTEX
Certification: SGS
Model Number: LC8258
Minimum Order Quantity: 100kgs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 25kgs/paper bag
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 Metric Tons/Metric Ton per month
Detail Information
Purity: 99.9% Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent
Type: Pvc Stabilizer,Processing Aid Other Names: PVC Heat Stabilizer,Ca/Zn Heat Stabilizer
Thermal Stability Time: ≥80 Appearance: White Powder
High Light:

ca zn heat stabilisers


thermal stabilizers for polymers

Product Description

One-pack heat stabilizer with good thermal stability PVC solid calcium zinc stabilizer for pipe fitting


Product Features:


1. Environmental friendly products
No heavy metal elements (lead, septum), no toxic and hazardous substances, can meet the requirements of the latest environmental standards of various countries (such as the EU RHOS Directive, REACH Directive, etc.).
2. No sulfur contamination
Products using lead salt stabilizers are prone to sulfur contamination in the presence of sulfur (such as acid rain, packaging boxes), causing yellowish discoloration or even blackening of white products, seriously affecting the appearance. Calcium and zinc stabilizers do not appear to behave like this
3. Good thermal stability
With the continuous development and improvement of calcium-zinc stabilizers, it can basically replace the lead-salt composite stabilizer with 1:1 to ensure the production cycle and stability. After the cooling of the die, the material decomposition will become quite slow.
4. Good system switching characteristics
Calcium-zinc heat stabilizers do not react with lead salts, organotin and other heat stabilizers, will not cause pollution, and have low switching costs, and will not affect the use of small tubes, plastic steel and other recycled materials.
5. The product has no smell
PVC products produced by calcium-zinc stabilizers do not produce odors with organotin, which is more acceptable to the public.
6. Low density, can increase the amount of calcium carbonate, reduce costs.
The calcium-zinc heat stabilizer itself has a lower density than the lead salt stabilizer, and the PVC product only has a decrease in the weight of the heat stabilizer.
7. Promote foaming, reduce density
The raw material of calcium-zinc stabilizer, zinc stearate can promote the decomposition of the foaming agent, make the foamed product more delicate, and the density becomes smaller, and even more, the dosage of the adjusting agent can be reduced, and the cost is saved.
8. To prevent the generation of black lines
Although the organotin stabilizer has good thermal stability, it does not have lubricity and plasticization is easy to produce black wire (drag black). The calcium-zinc stabilizer has self-lubricating properties and plasticization is adjustable, which can effectively prevent The generation of black lines caused by problems such as equipment and plasticization.


Technical Specifications:

Item Index
Character&appearance white powder
Metal oxide content%, ≥ 20
Thermal stability time, ≥ 80
Volatile%, ≤




LC8258 is suitable for soft, semi-rigid non-toxic PVC products, especially for PVC pipe fitting


Recommended dosage:

raw material name Reference amount
PVC 100
Caco3 Appropriate amount
Stabilizer 4-6
other Appropriate amount


Packaging and storage:

25Kg paper bag, stored under room temperature and dry condition



1.This product is heat stabilizer for PVC processing, non flammable and explosive;

2.This product should be prevented from entering eyes, if splashing on skin should be washed with soap in time, the workplace should be well ventilated, directly inhalation of dust should be avoided during production and operation.

  • What is heat stabilizer?
  • Heat stabilizers are antioxidants that are used to reduce the degrading effects of heat generated during processing of the biopolymer composition under severe conditions (shearing, temperature, and oxygen). From: Biopolymers: Processing and Products, 2015.


  • What is PVC stabilizer pack?
  • A One Pack Stabilizer is a pack of additives added during the processing of PVC. ... Non-Toxic One Pack Stabilizers are based on Calcium, Zinc, and Barium that are blended with co-stabilizers and lubricants to make the product heavy metal free.


  • What is stabilizer in plastic?
  • Stabilizers are a class of chemical additives commonly added to polymeric materials, such as plastics, to inhibit or retard their degradation.


  • How much heat can PVC handle?
  • Explanation: PVC is a thermoplastic, and therefore, at some point it will begin to degrade and break down as it's heated up. It just so happens that Schedule 40 PVC's maximum operating temperature is 140 degrees Fahrenheit, around the same temperature that hot water gets to in most homes.


  • Can PVC cause cancer?
  • The PVC manufacturing process is highly poisonous, releasing dioxin and causing cancer. Dioxin is a highly toxic chemical, but its presence in the environment has declined sharply in the last three decades. This has occurred while PVC production has increased by 300 percent.


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