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Transparent Granule ASA Plastic Resin For PVC Roofing Uv Resistant

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ARCHTEX
Certification: REACH, FDA
Model Number: ASA
Minimum Order Quantity: 200kgs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 220kgs/200kgs iron drum or plastic drum, 1200kgs tons of barrels, liquid bags
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 Metric Tons/Metric Ton per month
Detail Information
Product Name: ASA Plastic Granules Material: Biodegradable Polylactic Acid
Appearance: Transparent Granule Application: PVC Roofing
Tin Content(%): 19±0.5 Sulfur Content(%): 12±0.5
Color(Pt-Co): ≤50 Specific Gravity(25℃,g/cm³): 1.16-1.19
Refractive Index(25℃): 1.507-1.511 Viscosity(25℃,mPa•s): 20-80
Monomethyl Tin Content(%): 19.0-29.0 Trimethyl Tin Content(%): <0.1
High Light:

Biodegradable Polylactic Acid ASA Resin


Transparent Granule ASA Resin


PVC Roofing ASA Plastic Resin

Product Description

ASA Plastic Granules Uv Resistant Plate Grade Extrusion Grade Raw Materials




Product Details


ASA resin is acrylic rubber body lipid the graft copolymer of styrene and acrylonitrile, compared with ABS, due to the introduction does not contain a double bond of acrylate rubber instead of butadiene rubber, and weather resistance with the improvement of nature, is about 10 times higher than ABS, and other mechanical properties, processability, similar to ABS, chemical corrosion resistance.
1. Texture of ASA resin
ASA resin is a two-phase structure composed of rubber phase and resin phase. The rubber phase is dispersed in the continuous resin phase in granular form to form an "island" structure. There are five layers of SAN grafts on the interface of the two phases.ASA resin is closely related to the two-phase structure. Continuous phase SAN resin plays a role in protecting the modulus, strength and glass transition temperature of the whole material.Dispersed-phase rubber can help disperse and absorb impact energy and improve toughness.Therefore, ASA resin greatly improved SAN toughness, but at the same time, its modulus and tensile strength
decreased little, and its heat resistance changed little.

2. Impact performance of ASA resin
The mechanism of rubber-enhanced SAN resin to improve impact strength is that due to the microplastic deformation of the resin, a stress concentration place is formed at the interface between SAN resin and rubber, resulting in "silver grain" to absorb impact energy.At the same time, due to the heat generated by the deformation of entropy of rubber, the relative Tg of the resin near the gum decreases, which promotes the generation of "silver grain".The lower Tg of colloidal phase in the resin is, the higher its impact strength will be. The acrylic rubber used in ASA resin has a higher Tg, but the modified acrylic rubber has a lower Tg and a higher impact strength.

3. Heat resistance of ASA resin
Generally, the thermal deformation temperature of ASA resin is only about 85 degrees. In order to broaden its application range,especially in the automotive industry, the heat resistance of ASA resin must be improved.At present, the methods to improve the heat resistance of ASA include: 1. Copolymerization of ASA with a third monomer, such as A-methylstyrene; 2.3. NPMI and other heat-resistant modifiers were added to modify;4. Add glass fiber and other inorganic materials.

4. Weather resistance of ASA resin
ASA resin has no double bond structure, which greatly improves its weather resistance, overcomes the shortcomings of ABS resin,such as the significant decrease in mechanical strength and the yellower color due to the decomposition of sunlight, etc.Since ASA
resin contains no carbon-carbon double bond, the dissociation energy of hydrogen on the main chain is 376KJ/mol, which is converted into a wavelength of less than 300nm. The image glue in ABS resin is believed to have a carbon-carbon double bond, and the dissociation energy of hydrogen at the double bond position is 163KJ/mol, which is converted into a wavelength of less than 700nm.It can be seen that only light waves with a wavelength of 300nm can have an aging effect on ASA, while the energy of solar energy is basically distributed above 290nm, so ASA resin has excellent weather resistance.

5. Other properties of ASA resin
ASA resin has excellent mechanical properties, good thermal stability and significant weather resistance. Compared with ABS, ASA resin has better chemical resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance.Widely used in outdoor decoration materials, automobiles, electronics, daily necessities and outdoor sports equipment and other fields.
Typical value at 23℃


Test standard

Specific gravity
ISO 1183
Water absorption,24h
ISO 62
Saturated water absorption at 23℃
ISO 62
MFR melt volume flow rate
ISO 1133
Melt volume temperature Range
Mold temperature range
Mechanical Properties
Tensile modules
ISO5 527
Tensile strength, yield
ISO5 527
Tensile elongation, break
ISO5 527
Breaking elongation
ISO5 527
Flexural strength, yield
ISO5 178
Flexural modulus
ISO5 178
Izod impact strength, notched
ISO5 180
Thermal Properties
Vicat softening temperature
ISO 306
HDT, 0.45 Mpa, 3.2mm,Unannealed
ISO 75
HDT,1.82 Mpa, 3.2mm,Unannealed
ISO 75
CTE,-40℃ to 40℃,flow
ISO 11359
CTE,-40℃ to 40℃,xflow
ISO 11359
Heat conductivity
ISO 8302
Heat index, electrical property
UL 746B
Heat index, mechnical impact property
UL 746B
Heat index, non mechnical impact property
UL 746B
Electrical Properties
Dielectric factor at 1MHZ
IEC 60250
Dissipation factor at 1MHZ
IEC 60250
Volume resistivity
IEC 60250
Statement Declaration
These data should only be used as classical values. Unless expressly agreed in writing,can not be identified as the index or
guarantee value of the material. The properties of the product is affected to some extent by mold/machine head design, processing
conditions and coloring. Unless specified, all data are derived from tests performed on standard samples at room temperature.


1. Application in building materials
In recent years, PVC plastic doors and Windows because they have light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, heat preservation, sealed sound insulation, energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as low cost characteristics, in the country has been widely popular and applied.Due to the unstable A-C1 in THE PVC molecular structure, pure PVC processing has poor weather resistance and is prone to yellowing and reddening caused by ultraviolet damage in the sun.Rutile type Tio2 has excellent light refraction effect. By adding a certain proportion of multi-rutile type Tio2, the uv effect can be blocked by refraction, so as to ensure that the material does not change color. In most buildings, single white plastic steel doors and Windows are adopted, which are somewhat monotonous in color.Similarly colorful glass tiles are increasingly popular objects of affection.Kumhu Rili has developed ASA XC190 products with multi-color, high weather resistance and suitable for extrusion. By co-extrusion
with PVC profiles, it not only improves the weather resistance of PVC, but also satisfies the weather pursuit in color.
2. Applications in automobiles and motorcycles
ASA has excellent weather resistance, even after a long time of sun and rain, it will not appear gray, and has excellent chemical resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance, and can withstand hot water treatment and detergent cleaning.Application in electronic and electrical engineering Satellite antenna open-air rotation, strong winds and changing climate can cause serious erosion of external antenna parts,inappropriate material will rust brittle, and kumho type high impact of the development of Japan Korea ASA XC220 has good
toughness and weatherability, can be applied to the mobile antenna, TV aerial parts, cable protection casing connection box,satellite electronic devices, etc.ASA XC220 can also be used in household durable equipment such as washing machine panels,refrigerator handles and sewing machines due to its excellent chemical resistance.
4. Application in outdoor equipment and sports equipment
ASA's unique weatherability, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, gasoline resistance and high gloss without paint are very useful for gardening irrigation equipment and gasoline powered lawnmower enclosures.ASA has stability and bright color, high mechanical strength, can reduce the impact and side impact daily, special acrylate rubber formula gives the ASA good chemical resistance, particularly of detergent and gasoline to resist, because of excellent weather resistance makes the ASA in harsh environment can keep a good usability for a long time, so in some sports equipment and leisure products has been widely used.
5. Alloy materials of ASA and their applications Similar to ABS, ASA can also be blended with a variety of thermoplastic materials to obtain excellent alloy materials.



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