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Low Lead PVC Heat Stabilizer Powder With Cadmium Content ≤2ppm And ≤1ppm

Basic Information
Detail Information
Heat Stability: ≥100℃ PH Value: 7-9
Melting Point: 120-130℃ Solubility: Insoluble In Water
Fluoride Content: ≤0.1% Arsenic Content: ≤1ppm
Heavy Metal Content: ≤10ppm Volatile Content: ≤0.5%
High Light:

Calcium Zinc PVC Stabilizer Powder


Low Lead PVC Heat Stabilizer


PVC Heat Stabilizer Water Insoluble

Product Description

Product Description:

PVC Heat Stabilizer is a kind of heat stabilizer specially designed for PVC transparent and clear products. It is widely used in PVC product processing industry. Our PVC Heat Stabilizer has excellent heat stability and melting point. Its heat stability is up to ≥100℃ and melting point is between 120-130℃. Other remarkable features include low fluoride content, ≤0.1%, low arsenic content, ≤1ppm and low ash content, ≤0.3%. With these properties, it is an ideal stabilizer for PVC transparent and clear products.

PVC Heat Stabilizer is a perfect choice for PVC product processing industry, especially those who need to produce transparent and clear PVC products. It can provide excellent stability and efficiency in your production process. We guarantee that our PVC Heat Stabilizer is of the highest quality and can meet your needs.

Our team is committed to delivering the best quality PVC Heat Stabilizer for your PVC product processing. We provide our clients with the best possible service and support. We are confident that our PVC Heat Stabilizer will meet all of your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our PVC Heat Stabilizer and how it can help you with your PVC product processing.



  • Product Name: PVC Heat Stabilizer
  • PH Value: 7-9
  • Lead Content: ≤2ppm
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Solubility: Insoluble In Water
  • Heat Stability: ≥100℃
  • Keywords: calcium zinc pvc stabilizer, Heat Stabilizer For Transparent Clear Pvc Products, calcium zinc pvc stabilizer

Technical Parameters:

Product Attributes Technical Parameters
Heat Stability ≥100℃
Chloride Content ≤0.2%
Solubility Insoluble In Water
Ash Content ≤0.3%
Fluoride Content ≤0.1%
Arsenic Content ≤1ppm
Cadmium Content ≤1ppm
Heavy Metal Content ≤10ppm
Lead Content ≤2ppm
Viscosity ≤200mpa.s


PVC Heat Stabilizer is a special heat stabilizer for the production of transparent and clear PVC products. It is composed of calcium-zinc stabilizer with volatile content less than 0.5%, chloride content less than 0.2%, fluoride content less than 0.1% and PH value between 7 and 9. It is an ideal heat stabilizer for PVC cling film, providing excellent heat stability and thermal stability. PVC Heat Stabilizer is also suitable for the production of PVC transparent and clear products, such as PVC film, PVC sheet, PVC window profile, PVC pipe, PVC hose, PVC bottle, PVC packaging, PVC safety helmet, PVC medical products, etc.

It has the characteristics of good compatibility, low volatility, high acid-resistance, strong heat stability and good transparency. It can effectively protect PVC products from thermal degradation and discoloration, and the products have excellent physical and mechanical properties. In addition, it can reduce the residual chlorine content of PVC products, reduce the damage to the environment, and make the products meet the environmental requirements. Therefore, PVC Heat Stabilizer is widely used in the production of PVC transparent and clear products.



We offer Calcium Zinc/Ca Zn PVC Heat Stabilizer for PVC Cling film, a high-performance PVC Heat Stabilizer specifically designed for Cling Film applications. It is characterized by outstanding thermal stability, with Ash Content ≤0.3%, Heavy Metal Content ≤10ppm, Viscosity ≤200mpa.s, Chloride Content ≤0.2%, and Fluoride Content ≤0.1%.


Support and Services:

We provide technical support and services for our PVC Heat Stabilizer products. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Product selection advice
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • Training and safety guidelines
  • Installation and maintenance tips
  • Customized services for specific needs

We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and solutions for your PVC Heat Stabilizer needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of PVC Heat Stabilizer:

  • The product will be packed in 25kg paper-plastic composite bags.
  • The product should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, and away from heat source.
  • The product should be transported in accordance with the general chemical product transportation regulations.


  • Q: What is PVC Heat Stabilizer? A: PVC Heat Stabilizer is a type of chemical additive used to improve the thermal stability and heat resistance of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products.
  • Q: What is the main function of PVC Heat Stabilizer? A: The main function of PVC Heat Stabilizer is to prevent the degradation of PVC materials during processing or applications that involve high temperatures.
  • Q: What are the benefits of using PVC Heat Stabilizer? A: PVC Heat Stabilizer can improve the thermal stability and heat resistance of PVC products, extend their service life, and ensure product quality.
  • Q: What are the common types of PVC Heat Stabilizer? A: Common types of PVC Heat Stabilizer include lead-based stabilizers, organotin stabilizers, barium-cadmium stabilizers, calcium-zinc stabilizers, and organic stabilizers.
  • Q: How to use PVC Heat Stabilizer? A: The usage of PVC Heat Stabilizer depends on its type and the application. Generally, the stabilizer should be added to the PVC material in the form of a solution or powder and mixed evenly before processing.

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